What the world’s most powerful batteries do, and why they are so good

A new battery is here to help you power your home, but its new design is just as much about making the whole house more efficient.The Smart Energy Converter, or SCE, is an innovative electric motor that is built into a battery and converts energy to power.The device uses a combination of lasers and electronics […]

‘Unity’ Technology Could Help Stop The Rise Of ISIS in America

The technology behind ‘Unity Technologies’ is now being used to combat the rise of ISIS in the United States. The technology was developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations website, the FBI’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit (CTIGI) is responsible for analyzing cyber threats against federal agencies and businesses. One of the […]

What is the Globe and Mail?

The Globe and Mirror is a daily newsweekly that was launched in October 2001 and was later renamed The Globe by the publisher.The paper has been running since 2000, covering a wide variety of topics including current events, politics, science, and business.The Globe is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United […]

When Google Maps turns to wearable technology to fight crime

The Google Maps app is no longer a single-player experience.Now, Google Maps is moving to wearables to combat crime, including the use of facial recognition.“Google Maps has always been about building an app for people and letting them experience it,” says Timo Wolk, vice president of product at Google Maps.“But it’s about taking this really […]

Nanyang Technological University to launch cloud services for medical records and other records

Nanyan Technological, a leading university in China, has signed an agreement with the University of Michigan, the US university’s technology arm, to launch its cloud services in the country. Nanyan said the agreement, announced in November, gives it the ability to provide medical records to patients through its cloud service, which it calls Medical Record Service […]

How to keep airspace technology in the hands of the public

L3 Technologies, a global provider of cloud computing and smart energy services, said Tuesday it had acquired AirSpace Technologies, an online provider of energy-efficient air and water service.The deal, which is expected to close in the third quarter, is expected be worth $6 billion.L3 said it will partner with AirSpace to offer “high-speed and reliable […]

What’s next for carliseum interconnect technology?

The goal is to provide a seamless connection between players and fans on the ice, and the interconnects that connect them should help make that happen, according to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.Bettman made the announcement Wednesday during a panel discussion with players and coaches at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.“This is about […]

How to make the most of the best wireless routers for 2018

The wireless routers that are now on the market are designed to support the newest standards.These wireless routers are designed for a range of devices and the wireless technology is designed to help reduce the chance of interference from other devices.But it can also cause problems for people.This week, we talked to experts to find […]