How to make the perfect robot

In this article, we’ll look at some of the technologies that can help us design robots that are smart, responsive, and useful.We’ll also take a look at how to use these technologies to help us build intelligent robots that can understand and respond to our needs.This article is part of Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Creators Summit […]

Which are the best cloud-based tools?

R.M. Mullen, the chief executive officer of Mullen Technologies, said in an interview that he would prefer cloud-centric tools like his own.He would prefer to have an internal team that’s focused on the core product.But the tools that we have in place today, Mullen said, are “too complicated” for his company to use in practice.“We […]

U.S. tech credit union offers technology credit for $1,500 per year

POLITICO,Washington – The U.N. Credit Union Corp. announced Wednesday that it will offer technology credit to consumers for $25 a month per credit account.The credit union’s chief technology officer, Rob Half, said the program, known as the Smart Credit Card, will help consumers in their quest to upgrade their credit score and get the financing […]