How to use LUCENT technologies, palantir technology to automate your day, and automate your life

By now you’ve probably heard of Palantir Technologies Inc., the company behind some of the most powerful cloud services on the planet.If you haven’t heard of them yet, it’s because they’ve been quietly shut down by Facebook Inc. for years and Facebook has yet to officially address the issue.The company is owned by eBay Inc., […]

How to make an app for Lutron and other smart thermostats that can detect when you’re at home

Lutrons newest model is called the Lutronics LUTR-1.It’s a smart thermorever, meaning it’s capable of tracking your temperature, breathing, and even body temperature.It also has the ability to tell when you need to take a nap, and when you’ve just had a good night’s sleep.Lutronic says the LUT-1 has an “over the top” display that […]