Which new video game will you buy when you start?

The video game industry is in turmoil right now, as major publishers are facing the prospect of losing billions of dollars in revenue.But, as a new report by IGN shows, the industry is still making a big difference.According to the research, video games and other interactive media are making an unprecedented comeback.We interviewed some of […]

FMC Technologies to buy FMC Group for $2.3B

FMC, Inc., maker of the Fitbit and Jawbone devices, has entered into an agreement to acquire the FMC Networks Group for an undisclosed amount.FMC will retain a 55% stake in FMC Network Solutions, the parent company of FMC Fitness and FMC Smart, the companies that make the devices.The transaction is expected to close in the […]

How to hack into Comcast’s ‘recombination dna’ technology

The FCC has been quietly rolling out a major update to its “recombiant dnas” to improve the speed of its network, including its ability to detect and block rogue dnas.The FCC has announced the first major update since a December 2016 hack into the company’s “recompense dna” system that allowed Comcast to gain control of […]