Evoqua Water Systems announces $10-million partnership with Capitol Technology University for a ‘water transformation’

The Evoquas water system is to be spun out of the University of Ottawa’s Technology Innovation Centre, a $10 million investment announced Wednesday by the company.The investment comes as Ottawa continues its transition to a municipal water system, with Ottawa City Council approving a $1-billion plan to build a new municipal water tower.“This is a […]

Michigan Technology University offers new $1M investment in solar research

Michigan Technology and Innovation University has made a $1 million investment in an energy efficiency technology developed by the university, the university announced.The technology, called SmartSense, uses infrared sensors to monitor and measure how heat and light are distributed in the environment.The goal of SmartSense is to reduce energy use by at least 40 percent […]

How to save $5.6 billion by 2020 and $5 trillion in 2035 by investing in stem cells

Recode’s Kara Swisher takes us through the tech basics that will help you make your investment decision this year, 2020 and beyond.This is the sixth installment in a series on investing in the future.Read moreRecode is a subsidiary of Vox Media.Recode is editorially independent of Vox.org.Follow Recode on Twitter [email protected], on Facebook atfacebook.com/recode and on […]

How to get the most out of blockchain technology

L3haris Technologies, the blockchain company that’s developing the L3 blockchain, has announced the first ever “Bitcoin 2.0” platform that lets you buy and sell bitcoins using your phone.The company announced the platform on Monday, saying that you can now use it with mobile phones and tablets.┬áL3’s Bitcoin 2.1 platform, which is the second beta version […]