Evoqua Water Systems announces $10-million partnership with Capitol Technology University for a ‘water transformation’

The Evoquas water system is to be spun out of the University of Ottawa’s Technology Innovation Centre, a $10 million investment announced Wednesday by the company.The investment comes as Ottawa continues its transition to a municipal water system, with Ottawa City Council approving a $1-billion plan to build a new municipal water tower.“This is a […]

How to use torch to cool a water boiler

Evoqua is an innovative company which is changing the way water heating is done.It has invented a water-cooling device that combines an infrared heat sensor with a torch and a simple-to-use app.Evoqua’s water heating technology uses a torch to cool the boiler, then heats water in the boiler itself.You don’t have to invest in expensive […]

What’s next for Evoqua Water’s water technology

When Evoquas technology company was awarded $4.5 billion in government funding in 2019, it was hailed as a game changer for water and sanitation.The company, which has been around for nearly 20 years, was hailed by the U.S. Department of Energy for developing water desalination technology that uses ultra-high pressure water to produce water that […]

Guardian Technology’s evoquae water technology is a game changer

Guardian Technology is one of the world’s most influential and well-funded water technology companies.Its stock value is over $30 billion.The company’s founder, Paul Graham, has spent decades building the technology company into a leading water technology provider.The Guardian uses the evoquas technology to store water in a series of containers that are designed to keep […]