When the world’s biggest tech company announces $500 million in layoffs, it may not be a good sign for the economy

The stock market has been down about 5% for the past year, and analysts are worried that the tech industry is about to experience its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.According to the S&P 500, the technology sector has been the largest driver of the decline.The index fell 3% for 2016 and is down […]

How to build a powerful and efficient Delphi application platform

Google News article Google has introduced new technologies for Delphi applications.The company has introduced two new technologies, gcp applied technology and Delphi technologies, to help developers create powerful and scalable applications.This post introduces gcp-based applications and delphi-based software.gcp is a software framework that supports both Delphi and C#.The gcp framework uses the same technology stack […]