Bass boat technology is coming to your electric boogie boat

The technology is finally here.Bass boat manufacturers and electric boat enthusiasts are getting a bit excited about what the technology has to offer.Bass Boating Technologies (BBT) announced Tuesday that it is launching the Bass Boaters E-Series, a full electric booger boat that has been developed with the aim of helping boogers navigate more safely around […]

Bass boat technologies 2020 – The Future is Now

Bass boats are big and heavy, with huge motors and lots of cooling to make them comfortable to paddle.Now that’s a new tech, but there’s also a lot of potential in them.We’ve been watching the development of these new technologies and the latest technology from the new generation, the Bass boat tech.This article originally appeared […]

How to get rid of the annoying Bass Boat

Bass boat technology has been around for quite some time now, but its now getting some serious attention, as it’s now being put to use in the entertainment industry.The new technology is being used in many entertainment companies as a new way of delivering audio to the people.Bass boat audio has a much smaller footprint […]