Technologic gets its own app store

Technologic, the maker of the wildly popular DJ-style apps, is getting its own dedicated app store.

The move follows a move last year to the Google Play store for popular apps like Spotify and GarageBand, where it also offered a curated collection of music and videos.

It also opens the door for the launch of a new music and video app, The DJ Tech Experience.DJ Tech Experience, a new app, launches today.

The company plans to debut a variety of music, video and interactive experiences, including music video features and new DJ-related features.

In an emailed statement, Technologic CEO and founder Mike Krieger said the company is launching a new platform to bring its platform to the next level.

We want to be the best DJ app platform ever.

We are not going to wait around for other apps to be able to build on the DJ Tech experience and give us the platform to do so, Kriegers said.

The new app is expected to launch later this year, with the first-ever DJ Tech show scheduled for June 14 in Los Angeles.

The platform is the result of a partnership between the company and DJ Tech, which provides DJ software and software-focused hardware and software development.

The company’s DJ Tech app is free for a limited time.

Users will be able access it by subscribing to a $10 per month subscription to DJ Tech’s free app.DJ Technologist’s new app includes features that allow users to create a personal DJ, add videos and share music.

Users can add photos and videos to their DJ-themed profiles, create and share tracks, and browse the DJ’s social media accounts.

DJ Tech will be adding a new, curated DJ-centric playlist for subscribers, and it will add a feature to help users discover new DJs through the platform.

The DJ Tech Experiences will be available as part of a subscription, which will cost $10 a month, and will be included in the DJ Technology app and on the new DJ Tech website, where users can purchase apps for $10 to $15.DJTech will also launch an app called DJ Tech DJ, which lets users share DJ-based videos, and to share the DJ-focused content.

The app, which is available as a free app for iPhone and iPad, has more than 4 million daily users, according to DJTech.

Krieger told Fortune he expects to launch a second app for the DJ Technologist platform in the second quarter.

He expects to unveil the app’s name at a later date.