New lidar technology creates a new way to find homes

United Technologies Corporation is using a lidar device to map a parking lot.

It will become the first company to use a lida technology in a parking garage.articleThe company says the technology can help it locate the parking spot with precision.

It is also used to help police locate missing people.

United Technologies Corporation said the company will start using the new technology on a parking facility in Louisville, Kentucky.

The company has used lidar for parking lots for about a decade.

United says it is using the technology in more than 100,000 parking lots around the world.

The technology can detect the color of a vehicle, the shape of a building, the size of a person, and more.

United uses a different type of lidar to detect cars.

The two technologies share a common set of sensors that detect objects in a large area and are designed to help detect cars and trucks that are not in the proper position.

The lidar sensors detect the amount of air movement around a vehicle.