Giants: NFL owners should meet soon to discuss new security measures

A handful of NFL owners have met with NFL security officials this week, according to league sources, to discuss a new security plan for the league.

The plan would require owners to install additional security cameras and security systems, with the league saying that would help it “respond quickly and effectively to any threat.”

The league also wants to beef up its “core security,” including “more cameras and more sensors,” league sources said.

“The league is working on a security plan to protect its players and fans,” league spokeswoman Sarah Golledge said in a statement.

Last week, Giants owner John Mara met with league security officials to discuss the issue.

The Giants are in the middle of their season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs and are scheduled to play two games in the month of November.

It’s not clear what, if any, steps the league might take in response to the increased security measures.