‘Cakewalk’ star’s ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Dance Moms’ castmates reveal new names and roles

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Share Share Comedy Central is one of the largest broadcast networks in the world, boasting over 1,300 shows and two of the most popular comedy apps on the market: Comedy Central Live and Comedy Central App.

But that doesn’t mean that every show on the platform is a hit, and there are some new faces who are making their mark on the network.

We spoke to three new comedy actors, who will debut on the channel’s upcoming series, ‘Catch-22’ and are set to make their debut on ‘Catching Up’ this season.’

Catch 22′ stars Adam Pally, who plays a man who has an obsession with a series of women in his life who he wants to have sex with, but he can’t seem to convince them to do so.

The first episode of the series is set to air next month, and ‘Caught Up’ will air on September 21st.

In the show, the two are joined by a bunch of new cast members, including Kristen Schaal, Jessica Walter, Adam Goldberg, and more.

Check out our video preview above to learn more about these new stars!

You can follow the show’s premiere on Comedy Central’s website, but we’ll also have a full recap, so make sure to check it out!