‘Unity’ Technology Could Help Stop The Rise Of ISIS in America

The technology behind ‘Unity Technologies’ is now being used to combat the rise of ISIS in the United States. 

The technology was developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security. 

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations website, the FBI’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit (CTIGI) is responsible for analyzing cyber threats against federal agencies and businesses. 

One of the FBI Cyber Threat Analysts was recently arrested and charged with the murder of a man who was allegedly threatened by a member of the Black Liberation Army (BLA) who had called him “F*cking terrorist.” 

According a report by Breitbart News, the accused former Black Liberation leader was also accused of being a member of a group known as the Black Patriots. 

“I just know I’m going to die,” said the man who police say was killed after being threatened by the accused member of the BLA, according to the report.

“I’m going down, I’m gonna die, I can’t fight you.

I can never win.

I will be your last.”

The report also said that the former BLA leader has since been charged with a number of crimes including armed robbery, kidnapping, and sexual assault. 

This latest case is not the first time the FBI has been accused of using Unity Technologies. 

In January of this year, a federal grand jury indicted the former head of the National Security Agency (NSA) for allegedly using the technology to hack into a government computer. 

A government official told the Washington Post that the government had not been able to confirm the identity of the man charged with “bricking” the NSA, but the federal grand court issued a warrant for his arrest and investigation into Unity Technology. Since its launch in 2017, Unity has become one of the most popular security software in the world, thanks to the security and privacy benefits that come with its customized systems. 

Additionally, the company has proven to be one of many companies that have built virtual security projects that allow users to install software onto their computer that allows them to prevent their own computers from being hacked. 

As reported by The Daily Beast in February, ISIS has been using Unity Technologies to attack American operations and military bases, as well as the federal government. 

Earlier this year ISIS released a video showing ISIS operatives attacking US military bases in Syria and Iraq. ISIS then re-released a video showing a military base in Iraq being harassed by ISIS. 

There have been reports of Islamic State members using Unity to create virtual security projects, and recently a US soldier was arrested for allegedly using Unity to hack into a Federal Defense Department computer system. 

 According to FBI Director James Comey, “It is possible that Unity Technologies could be used to combat ISIS in the future.” 

ISIS, for its part, has previously released videos of soldiers using the Unity technologies to hack into the computers of US government personnel and US contractors. Following ISIS’s announcement of the launch of its virtual war against the US and its government, officials from the Department of Defense and the Department for Homeland Security said that it was not likely that Unity Technologies would be used in military operations against the US government or federal contractor. 

While the United States military and the government are both still evaluating the use of Unity in operational space, both have said that they have received signals that they have been considering the possible use of Unity Technologies.