Microsoft makes Windows 10 app, apps for Google, Apple, Google Play

Microsoft has made an app, a browser, and a browser extension for its Windows 10 platform available for Google and Apple.

The company said it had been working on the apps for “some time,” but added that it was not able to announce a launch date.

Microsoft has made Windows 10 apps available for Apple and Google, which means the platform could potentially have more than two competitors.

Microsoft is not the only company making Windows 10 for Android devices, with Google also releasing a version for Android phones and tablets.

Both Google and Microsoft have been working to build a Windows 10 device that is more accessible and useful for Windows users, including a version that supports multiple platforms.

Microsoft’s app, which can be installed on Windows 10 devices for free, has been downloaded more than 7 million times, according to Microsoft.

Google’s Chrome browser is available for free on Android devices.

Google and Microsoft had been collaborating on the app for months, according, according Microsoft.

Google has said the app is meant to be a way for Google users to get their Google accounts up and running quickly.

“As soon as the team was done building the app, they released it to the public,” Microsoft said.

With Microsoft’s new Chrome extension, Windows 10 users can access their accounts on other browsers and devices.

Microsoft is also making an app for Google Play, which makes use of Google’s API, which is available to developers and which is being used by Google to make its own applications available for the platform.

Microsoft will also be releasing an extension for Apple’s Safari, a web browser, which lets users download and install applications from the App Store and sideload them from a PC.

Microsoft said the apps will be free for now, but will cost $1.99 a month to use.