How to make a living as an Information Technology professional

It was the day after Thanksgiving when I was invited to a conference by a group of tech companies to discuss their latest projects.

The conference was in the city of San Francisco, which I had never been to.

It was a great time to have an interview.

But as I walked in the door I had an eerie feeling.

As I had already started the day, I was still sitting on the couch with my laptop, waiting for my next question.

“Do you think you can make $50k as an information technology professional?”

I had been reading the Wall Street Journal article about the salary of a data scientist.

I knew the statistic that was quoted to support the statistic.

In fact, I had heard it so many times that it became a mantra in my head.

That statistic was $70,000 per year for a data science scientist.

  This was a very common statistic.

A company could make $80,000 with a data analyst, $150,000 if they were a data architect, and $250,000 for a business intelligence specialist. 

I knew what it meant.

I knew it from experience.

I was an information scientist, I knew that I was not the only one earning $100,000.

And yet, I felt as if I was sitting in a crowded room and nobody else was getting paid that much.

I thought, I don’t have the money to pay for food or pay my rent or buy food.

I’m not even getting paid enough to get by.

I think I could make a decent living as a data programmer, but I don