Israeli scientist, university colleague arrested in case of fake cancer vaccine

An Israeli scientist and a colleague are being questioned by the police over the discovery of a fake cancer vaccines that had been produced by a university in Jerusalem.

“We know the name of the company but we can’t say if it’s a legitimate company,” said Rima Ben-Yishai, director of the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

The company, called EZL Immunization Products, produced the vaccines in Israel in the early 2000s but it later withdrew from the market.

EZL said it had filed a police report to seek the arrest of the two men, but was turned down.

Ben-Yashai said the case is “very serious” and that the two have not yet been formally charged.

The ministry of health is looking into whether the vaccines were manufactured in Israel, she said.

Israel’s Ministry of Health and Welfare did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Israeli media has speculated that EZI had an Israeli connection.

But Ben-Zvi Bishara, EZIL’s general manager, said the company was formed in the US in 2011 and had no Israeli affiliation.

A spokesperson for the ministry of agriculture and rural development said that EZEI had “never received any tax money from the government of Israel and had not taken part in any agricultural project or agricultural products procurement or sales”.

The two men are accused of manufacturing the fake cancer cures in Israel using parts from US firms.

The vaccines are made by EZ Immunization in Israel and were delivered to Israel from overseas.

Ben-Zavvi said that the fake vaccines were produced by EZE Immunization and that he was the sole author.

“The company has not produced any of the vaccine parts used in the vaccine,” he said.