When Google Maps turns to wearable technology to fight crime

The Google Maps app is no longer a single-player experience.

Now, Google Maps is moving to wearables to combat crime, including the use of facial recognition.

“Google Maps has always been about building an app for people and letting them experience it,” says Timo Wolk, vice president of product at Google Maps.

“But it’s about taking this really big leap forward where you’re not just building an experience for people, but for the whole world.”

The Google Map app is now available for Apple and Android devices and the company is working with local authorities and others in the fashion and fashion accessories space to develop wearable technology for the Maps app.

“We’re making it as easy as possible for people to get the experience we want them to have,” Wolk says.

“And we’ve seen how successful that has been for us with our Android app.

We know that we can do it with our Maps app, and we think we can go further with the wearable experience.”

This is an evolving experience for Google Maps: as the app gets more connected to the world, it can connect with people across time and location, and it can make better use of the device’s sensors to help people find the right way and the right thing.

“As we get to see more and more people using these devices, it’s also about making sure that the experiences that people have are not just limited to just one location,” Walk says.

The Maps app has always relied on users using the app to walk around their neighborhoods.

But over the last year, Google has started using its own sensors to build maps that look much more like the real world.

The maps look much better when people look at them, Wolk said, but they also get better with the use and placement of the devices.

“When you have this much data, we’re able to make the maps that we want to make and make them look like they are really the world,” Wokl says.

In fact, in recent months, Google’s own sensors have been making it much easier to make good use of these wearable devices, too.

Last year, it rolled out new ways to make maps look real and look like the world.

Google has been working with the UK government to make a map that uses facial recognition technology that can recognize and identify people at specific locations, and has also started working with other governments around the world to make more accurate maps.

“That’s a big deal,” Wrik says.

Wolk’s team is also working on ways to improve the way Google maps can show you a street, a building, and a road, as well as how the maps can be integrated with a user’s GPS.

Google is now working with several retailers and other partners to make these changes, and Wolk is confident the Maps team will be able to get them to users in a timely fashion.

Google Maps has been on a roll recently.

Last summer, it released its first mobile app, Maps for iPhone, which brought together a variety of popular apps, including Google Maps, Google Drive, and Google Maps for Android.

Now that the iPhone app has been discontinued, Google is planning to roll out a version for Android users in early 2019.

“It’s been a big year for us,” Wijk says.

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