Nanyang Technological University to launch cloud services for medical records and other records

Nanyan Technological, a leading university in China, has signed an agreement with the University of Michigan, the US university’s technology arm, to launch its cloud services in the country. 

Nanyan said the agreement, announced in November, gives it the ability to provide medical records to patients through its cloud service, which it calls Medical Record Service (MRSS), which it said would help to increase transparency in the medical record system.

The University of California, Berkeley, also signed a similar deal with Nanyans cloud services provider in March, but neither company had confirmed that the agreement had yet been ratified by regulators. 

The Michigan-based University of Phoenix, which operates a cloud service called Phoenix Medical, has been working with Nanya in the past for healthcare applications, but the two companies had previously worked together in the US, Nanyanz said.

“The cloud services agreement with Nanda Tech is a clear step towards expanding our healthcare delivery, to ensure greater transparency and openness in our health care system,” Dr. Richard Lohmann, the vice president for global health and science at the University and one of Nanyen’s founders, said in a statement.

“It also signals the continued growth of collaboration between the two universities and the universities’ medical expertise and expertise in data and information technology,” Lohme said.

“I am proud of the work we have done in this area and look forward to further collaboration with Nanna Tech.”

Medical records in the United States are often difficult to obtain, as there are no national medical standards that require hospitals to provide such records. 

In addition to offering the records to medical records providers, Nanya also said it would offer its services to other health care providers in China and India. 

“In the US and in India, there are also large populations of uninsured patients who require access to medical record data,” Nanyant said in the statement.

“The cloud service is an innovative approach to facilitating the delivery of medical records in China that is based on a model that was first used in India by Nanyai Tech, which we will continue to work with.”

“We will continue working closely with our partners and partners in the industry to further expand the availability of the cloud service,” Nanya added.