Why LUMINOS stock is up after ARLO stock hits all-time highs

News.org.au – 3 December 2016Lumen Technologies stock is now trading at all- time highs, with its market capitalisation hitting all–time levels.

The stock has seen its market cap soar from just $5.3 billion in November to $19.6 billion in today’s trading session.

Lumen’s stock price has also surged from around $5 a share to $20, up nearly 200 per cent in a matter of hours.

“Lumen has had a phenomenal year,” says Ian O’Brien, Managing Director of technology platform Arlo Technologies.

“Our focus is on the business, and as we look forward, we are confident that we will continue to see LUMINO as one of the best companies to work with in the digital sector.”

Arlo Technologies was founded in 2010 and was initially known for its “magic lights” that could change the way lights work.

Luminos new light source has been credited with revolutionising the way people live their lives.

Its lighting technology has been used by thousands of businesses around the world.

Its LED lights are widely used in buildings, hospitals and restaurants, and can be used on everything from wall clocks to washing machines.

Arlo uses technology to create “magic light” lights that change the colour and intensity of the light it emits.

Luminos new light has been widely used to transform the way many of its customers live their day.

Its new light is able to be controlled with a touch of a smartphone, with users able to control the intensity of their light by touching the light source.

The new light can be switched on or off depending on whether it is in the evening or the morning.

It has also been used to change the light from white to red to illuminate areas such as bedrooms and dining rooms.

LumiLabs, a technology and technology services provider, has also seen its share price surge, rising from $1.40 to $2.40.

Llamas global network of over 30,000 light sensors is also up from $11.90 to $15.90.

Lums technology platform has been able to deliver advanced lighting solutions to businesses around North America and Europe, which include lighting control systems, lighting control hardware and lighting control software.