Cloud technology for India: Cloud services provider daft Punktechnologic makes its presence known

Cloud services providers daftpunktechnologic, which has a market cap of over $6 billion, is now making its presence felt in India, where it is expanding into telecom and Internet services.

With its recent acquisition of mobile messaging service Viber and a recent move into virtual reality, daft techno-utilities have seen its market cap rise from around $5 billion in 2016 to over $9 billion in 2020, according to data from data analytics firm StatCounter.

Its acquisition of Viber for $1.1 billion is a first for the telecom giant, which is also building a virtual reality-enabled mobile messaging platform called Viber Forks.

Daft Punktech is not only India’s first cloud-based messaging service but also the largest cloud-platform provider in the country.

According to Daftpunktech CEO Rahul Narayanan, it has invested in mobile messaging app Viber with a view to providing a better experience for the customers.

Viber is a messaging platform that is popular in India with over 100 million monthly users and over 20 million users across mobile messaging apps, Narayanon said.

Daxty, which launched in April 2016 and is available on both Android and iOS, is a similar platform with more than a million monthly active users in India.

Dafty said it is also in talks to acquire messaging app Airtel Meantime for $500 million.

In its acquisition of Airtle Meantimes, daxty acquired its own messaging app called Airtelems in April 2017 for a price of $500 per month.

The deal will help it to expand into other areas, such as telephony and internet.

The company has also recently added a virtual assistants and an augmented reality solution for users.

Daftpunk has also started a cloud service for India and plans to launch a standalone mobile messaging solution later this year, Narayanaan said.