Comcast Technology Center to Open in 2020

Next Big News is excited to announce that Comcast Technology is set to open its first store in 2020 in the City of Industry.

Located in downtown LA, the store will be located at 10th and Alameda Streets, and will feature a full range of products, from video and audio products to healthcare and consumer technology.

Comcast is a leading provider of digital content delivery and internet access services and provides a wide range of broadband and mobile technologies, including cloud, cable, satellite and mobile broadband, video and voice technologies, and data services.

The City of Los Angeles is proud to partner with Comcast Technology and their team of team members to bring our community closer together, and we look forward to welcoming Comcast customers to our first store.

“This will be the second store to open in Los Angeles and will be Comcast’s first retail store in the US.

“Our team has been working hard to bring this store to the City and we can’t wait to begin offering the services that our customers need.” “

We are thrilled to have Comcast Technology, a premier provider of broadband, digital content and media services in the United States, and look forward for more exciting projects to come,” said Eric Shanks, Vice President of Communications, Comcast.

“Our team has been working hard to bring this store to the City and we can’t wait to begin offering the services that our customers need.”

 “We are excited to welcome Comcast Technology to the Los Angeles City,” said City of Angels Mayor Tom Tait.

“The City of LA has a rich history of supporting innovation and the development of new technologies, from the Los Alamos National Laboratory to the world’s first fiber optic cable network to the National Grid.

Comcast Technology will help us continue to innovate, expand our local economy and continue to provide quality service to our customers.

The city is grateful for the opportunity to work with Comcast and the talented team they have assembled.”

Posted by Next Big Tomorrow on January 13, 2020 2:04:00

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