Why duck creek technology is a good fit for Queensland’s duck river projects

Duck Creek Technology, a joint venture between DUCK Co and the Queensland Government, is a Queensland-wide joint venture that will use duck creek water to build a dam that will deliver hydroelectricity to duck creek’s rivers.

The project, due to start construction this month, will involve building two dam foundations and a flood control structure, and will use a combination of duck creek and duck river technologies.

In 2018, the Queensland government awarded a $5.7 million contract for duck creek to DUCK Technologies.

Duck Creek will build the dams and the flood control structures for the projects.

In 2016, DUCK acquired a 19.4 per cent stake in Duck Creek Technologies and was granted a further 17.8 per cent of the business in 2018.

This was part of a deal that was worth $1.6 billion to the state.

The new contract with DUCK also includes an additional $500,000 grant to the Queensland and State Governments.

The duck creek project is set to start in 2020.

Duck creek has been working with the Queensland Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Regional Development and the Department of Water, Gas and Electricity for almost three years.

It has a total of three dam foundations, which are designed to allow for the flow of water through the dam to flow to the duck creek.

The dam will also have flood control features to prevent floods from damaging the river.

DUCK Technology has been contracted to build the dam and the associated flood control infrastructure.

A dam foundation will also be built for duck Creek to allow it to deliver the water from the dam into the duck river to deliver hydro power.

Duck Co chief executive officer Paul Wilson said duck creek was a great partner in the Duck Creek project.

“DUCK Co has a long and distinguished history of providing engineering and design services to upstream Queensland, both for public and private clients,” he said.

“This project has been a natural fit, having a strong connection with Duck Creek, and we look forward to further developing this relationship.”

The Queensland Government is now considering funding the dam project through its Renewable Energy Fund.

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