US military to begin testing drone technology on US soil

The United States military is moving to begin using unmanned aerial vehicles on US battlefields, the Pentagon announced on Tuesday.

Under a memorandum signed by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, the Defense Department will begin testing drones with the aim of testing the “drones are safe, reliable, and survivable” concept, according to a release from the Pentagon.

In the memo, Carter said the military would begin deploying the drones to support operations and provide “precision targeting support to the Army and Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air National Guard.”

It is not yet clear whether the military will also use drones to conduct surveillance, the release said.

The Pentagon said the drones will also be able to carry out reconnaissance missions to locate enemy forces.

The move follows a similar initiative announced in January that the U.S. military will test drones at the same time as it launches a new combat training program.