Evoqua Water Systems announces $10-million partnership with Capitol Technology University for a ‘water transformation’

The Evoquas water system is to be spun out of the University of Ottawa’s Technology Innovation Centre, a $10 million investment announced Wednesday by the company.

The investment comes as Ottawa continues its transition to a municipal water system, with Ottawa City Council approving a $1-billion plan to build a new municipal water tower.

“This is a great partnership between Evoquatas and Ottawa City that will help us accelerate our transition to an innovative, public-private partnership in the water sector,” said Evoquashan Chief Executive Officer John Schaeffer.

“The Evoquakas technology enables us to accelerate the transformation of our entire system, and we are thrilled to be able to leverage the expertise of the Tech Innovation Centre for this project.”

The university, located in the centre of Ottawa, has received $5 million from Ottawa City to support a $2-million investment in Evoquabotas research and development.

“It’s a tremendous achievement for our company, for Ottawa and for our province,” said David McEwen, executive director of the Ottawa Innovation Fund.

“We’re thrilled to join the Tech Institute and contribute to this important investment.”

In addition to the funding announced Wednesday, Evoquastas is investing $4 million to expand its technology development, training and collaboration activities.

The new partnership will also support Evoquarista’s efforts to leverage its own technologies to create new applications that will better serve the needs of residents.

In an effort to accelerate innovation, Evquatas will also continue to be the exclusive supplier of Evoquafruit, a flexible, customizable fabric designed to be used as a home décor.

In a video released Wednesday, McEwan outlined the company’s goals for the next few years.

“Our goal is to have Evoquaproducts as the only supplier of fabric in Canada that can be used for all home déclairs.

Our goal is a fully integrated home and lifestyle system,” he said.

“That’s the way we want to be seen by consumers.”