The latest technology icon from Redtail, a new platform for building mobile apps, is an app that can change colors for people on the move

The latest tech icon from Microsoft, Redtail has been acquired by Redtail Technologies, which is a company specializing in mobile app design and development.

Redtail’s first app, Red Tail, was released in 2015 and is a customizable weather app that changes colors based on how much weather is forecast for your location.

This year, Redtails first app will be released on the Redtail platform, which lets developers create apps that can take advantage of weather data and other weather features.

Red Tail is a weather app with a focus on making your life easier, and we’re excited to share it with our fans and customers.

We hope to bring you some of the cool features that Redtail users have been asking for.

It’s all about the app, and Redtail makes it easy to create an app for the world’s most popular weather app.

Redtails users will also be able to create their own weather apps, and the Red Tail app will also have a lot of support from users and developers.

We’ve been using Redtail apps for over a decade now, and this is the first time we’ve worked with a company that really understands what makes apps great.

Red tail’s mission is to help people stay connected to the outdoors and the world around them.

We’re excited about working with the team at Redtail to make Redtail an even better app for you, the user, to use. 

The Redtail team has been working with Microsoft for several years to make the Redtails app a better fit for the Windows 10 Creators Update, which has been available since June.

This update has brought a lot more power and flexibility to Windows 10 devices, and developers have been able to build apps with the new features.

Microsoft is also making a number of changes to its app ecosystem, and you can see some of these changes in the latest version of the Red tail app. 

Redtail users will be able build their own apps that have an app icon based on the weather that is available in your location right now. 

If you already have a Redtail app, you can still download the RedTail app to install the latest versions of the app.

You can even download the app for Windows 10 Mobile, but you’ll need to download the latest Redtail SDK for Windows to use this app.

This SDK is only available for Windows. 

For more details about Redtail and the upcoming Redtail App, you’ll want to check out the Microsoft press release.