Cloud technology for India: Cloud services provider daft Punktechnologic makes its presence known

Cloud services providers daftpunktechnologic, which has a market cap of over $6 billion, is now making its presence felt in India, where it is expanding into telecom and Internet services.With its recent acquisition of mobile messaging service Viber and a recent move into virtual reality, daft techno-utilities have seen its market cap rise from around […]

FMC Technologies to buy FMC Group for $2.3B

FMC, Inc., maker of the Fitbit and Jawbone devices, has entered into an agreement to acquire the FMC Networks Group for an undisclosed amount.FMC will retain a 55% stake in FMC Network Solutions, the parent company of FMC Fitness and FMC Smart, the companies that make the devices.The transaction is expected to close in the […]

How to gain a glimpse into the future of AI from an investment perspective

With technology increasingly making significant leaps forward in our daily lives, it’s not hard to see why many believe AI is poised to be the dominant force in the next few decades.But what exactly does AI mean?What is Artificial Intelligence?In the words of a recent paper, “Artificial Intelligence: A Visionary Guide to the Future” it […]

Why duck creek technology is a good fit for Queensland’s duck river projects

Duck Creek Technology, a joint venture between DUCK Co and the Queensland Government, is a Queensland-wide joint venture that will use duck creek water to build a dam that will deliver hydroelectricity to duck creek’s rivers.The project, due to start construction this month, will involve building two dam foundations and a flood control structure, and […]

US military to begin testing drone technology on US soil

The United States military is moving to begin using unmanned aerial vehicles on US battlefields, the Pentagon announced on Tuesday.Under a memorandum signed by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, the Defense Department will begin testing drones with the aim of testing the “drones are safe, reliable, and survivable” concept, according to a release from the Pentagon.In […]