NFL players want to stay with NFL through 2025

NFL players are reportedly in favor of sticking with the NFL through the 2020 season.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that at least three NFL players have told owners that they want to remain with the league through 2025.

The Times reported that the players said the league is still struggling to attract young players to the game, and they’re concerned about the future of players’ health and safety.

The Times added that the league could find it difficult to attract younger players to stadiums and stadiums that are older.

One player, who asked not to be named, told the Times that “the league needs to invest more to invest in players’ well-being and health.”

He said that the owners of the players’ union have told the players that they can continue playing through 2025 if they want.

The players also want the NFL to have a “safety culture” that includes more concussions and “a safe environment for players to work and play.”

The Times added: “The players want the league to adopt new concussion protocols that are based on the latest scientific research.

The league’s medical and safety department has released new guidance on concussions, including a set of guidelines for the next six years.”

In an article published on Thursday, the National Football League Players Association urged its members to stay focused on their jobs and their families.

The union said that more than 2.2 million players will earn at least $1 million this season.

Players who wish to leave the NFL could file an appeal with the National Labor Relations Board.

The board has said it will consider the request in the next few weeks.