Cadillac to invest $1 billion in Opendoor Technologies, a company that aims to change the way people and cars interact

Cadillac, Ford and others have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in companies that make sensors that allow for driverless car technology.

That includes the $1.2 billion investment in Opendedoor Technologies (OTT), a company founded by three Ford Motor Co. employees in 2011.

The Ford Motor Company, in particular, has been investing heavily in the Openedoor technology, including investing $250 million to acquire its first automotive sensor manufacturer in the U.S. In October, the company unveiled its first-ever autonomous vehicle, the Opendedore R, which uses a combination of software and hardware to communicate with sensors in real time.

The company said the R’s autonomous technology could help make its cars safer and more affordable, while also improving safety for the public.

The new company is aiming to create a global marketplace for the sensors, which are now under development at more than a dozen countries.

Openedore is also working on a new product line called Opendedure, which will be a combination sensor, driver-assist system and data management system.

The two products will be available to manufacturers in 2021, and are expected to be available for use by the public by 2025, according to a company release.

The news comes as automakers around the world are scrambling to find a solution to a range of problems including car crashes, traffic congestion, and pollution.

As part of the plan, Ford is partnering with Google on an initiative called VisionLink, which it said is designed to bring more transparency to data that is collected by autonomous cars.

Ford is also developing its own driver-monitoring service called DriveSmart, which is designed for use in the automotive industry.

The project aims to provide automakers with better data on what is happening behind the wheel, said Scott Weiland, Ford’s vice president of product management.

Ford said that the new Opendedored products will complement its existing technology.

Opendored is based in San Francisco and will be led by a group of experts who will collaborate with Openedora’s founders and partners to build a marketplace for these sensors, Weiland said in a statement.

The three Ford employees who founded OpenedoT were named chief executive officers of Opendedora and lead the project, according a statement from the company.

Ford did not name the Ford employees at the time of the announcement.