China, U.S. set to trade tech, tech-related goods as part of trade talks

The United States and China announced on Thursday that they were in talks to trade smart technologies, consumer appliances and robotics, but didn’t give a price tag.

U.S.-China trade talks began in Washington earlier this year.

But the talks have been complicated by the Trump administration’s ongoing dispute with China over the South China Sea, and China has accused the United States of trying to take advantage of the talks to make it easier to impose tariffs on its goods.


Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told reporters that the talks are focused on three areas of potential trade: technology, consumer goods and robotics.

The United States is working with China to promote cooperation in the areas of information technology, cybersecurity and smart technologies for U.s. and Chinese companies.

The U.N. has called on the United Nations to immediately open up the talks, calling it a matter of national security and stability.

China has accused Washington of meddling in the talks by pressuring the U.n. to allow U.

Ns. to vote on its sanctions.