U.S. tech credit union offers technology credit for $1,500 per year

POLITICO,Washington – The U.N. Credit Union Corp. announced Wednesday that it will offer technology credit to consumers for $25 a month per credit account.

The credit union’s chief technology officer, Rob Half, said the program, known as the Smart Credit Card, will help consumers in their quest to upgrade their credit score and get the financing they need for new technologies.

“We believe the Smart Card will help to further strengthen our economy by offering consumers with access to credit that will help them earn more and pay for more,” Half said.

The program is a partnership between U.K.-based Credit Union America and U.U.T., a U.A.E.-based credit union based in Singapore.

The credit union will offer Smart Credit cards to customers in the United States starting in the first quarter of 2018.

The U.

Ns credit union also has partnered with technology partners to offer technology credits to consumers who are new to the technology space.

For example, the credit union is offering $100 a month in credit to new users, plus $25 in credit for those who have a credit card.UConn-based technology company CNET has partnered to offer $25 credit for U.C.L.A., $100 for the University of Southern California and $75 for the San Diego State University.

In addition, the U.NSC, the nation’s third largest university system, is offering a credit of $100 per month for all new credit card holders for the next year.

The new program is the latest sign of the U’s rise in the tech sector.


Credit Corp., the credit card issuer, was founded in 1984 and is the largest U. n.credit issuer with assets of $9.5 trillion.

UNS was founded by a group of U.s biggest investors who saw technology as an opportunity to compete in the global economy.