How to get a job at a tech startup in Silicon Valley: An interview with an IT job seeker

What it’s like to work at an IT company in Silicon Vegas.

We spoke to three techies in the tech startup industry in San Francisco, who each have their own stories about being able to work on a technology company’s dime.1.

Alex TischAlex Tisch, 25, is a senior IT specialist who was previously an online sales rep for a tech company.

He joined Facebook after college.

Alex’s story is typical of the IT jobs in the Bay Area, says Jason Schreiber, founder of TechCrunch.

“It’s not a traditional tech career.

You get paid to be there.”

Alex says he started working on Facebook when he was 15, but says he was already starting to feel like a geek.

“I was actually working on the company’s product when I was 16,” he says.

“I started to feel more comfortable around the company, and the tech culture was just catching up to me.”

Alex started working at Facebook at 18, and says it was his first time working remotely.

He worked with people from around the world, including the president of the US.

Alex says he loved being in the company because he felt like he could bring value to the company and the team.

“It was definitely an adventure,” he remembers.

“There was so much that I didn’t know at the time, and that’s what made it fun.”2.

Jason TischJason Tisch is an IT specialist, who worked on the Facebook site for a year before moving to Facebook.

Jason was a sales rep at the company when he joined.

Jason says his time on Facebook was a “moment of truth” and he was “completely sucked in by it”.

He says he never thought he would work at Facebook.

“At that time, I was just working at a big, well-known company, but it just turned out I could do it.

It was a dream come true.”

Jason’s LinkedIn profile describes him as a “talent-driven, tech-savvy entrepreneur” and says he’s a “passionate fan of Facebook”.

Jason started out as a tech worker and says that’s when he started thinking about his career.

“The company was so new and so young, so new to us at the end of the day, so we didn’t really understand what we were getting ourselves into,” he recalls.

“But then we realized we were really lucky that we were able to be a part of the company at all.

I mean, Facebook was just a dream and then it just kind of happened.”3.

James C. MillerJames C. is a tech-based recruiter.

He’s the founder of The CTO Project, which helps people get jobs in Silicon valley.

James says the tech-centric nature of Silicon Valley is a big draw for people.

“We recruit people based on where they’re from, what they do, and where they want to go in life,” he explains.

“We’re all just looking for the next great job in Silicon, and you’re just looking to get in and get in on a roll.”

James says the people he meets at tech companies are passionate about what they’re doing.

“They’re just all so passionate about the work they’re going to do.

They want to do great things.

They’re really passionate about making this world a better place,” he adds.

James says people have to be “extremely confident in their ability” to land a job.

“When you go to Silicon Valley, you have to feel that you’re the most capable person in the room,” he stresses.

“You’ve got to be extremely confident in your ability to work for yourself, and not just on the side of a company.”

James believes there’s an element of luck involved in getting a job on a tech firm.

“A lot of people don’t get a chance to really go through this process of getting hired on a regular basis,” he cautions.

“If you don’t have the right background and experience and skills, you’re probably not going to get the job.”


Daniel O’ConnellDaniel O’Connor, 30, is an information technology recruiter at an tech company in San Diego.

Daniel is a junior IT specialist at a major tech company, which he’s been on since he was 16.

Daniel says he has a lot of confidence in the talent that he’s hiring.

“If I have a person who has the right mindset, the right approach, the ability to see the bigger picture, I feel that they’re just the right fit,” he said.

Daniel’s job is to get candidates to fill out a résumé.

Daniel says that he wants candidates to be able to answer questions in a way that will get them hired.

“What we look for in a recruiter is people who are very focused on what they want, and they want the job,” he explained.

“So we want someone who is really