How to get the most out of blockchain technology

L3haris Technologies, the blockchain company that’s developing the L3 blockchain, has announced the first ever “Bitcoin 2.0” platform that lets you buy and sell bitcoins using your phone.

The company announced the platform on Monday, saying that you can now use it with mobile phones and tablets. 

L3’s Bitcoin 2.1 platform, which is the second beta version of its blockchain technology, has been available for Android and iOS for a few months.

The L3 Bitcoin 2 “Bitcoin Core” version, which has been under development since November, allows for more transactions per second, while allowing for transactions to be made instantly, without waiting for confirmations.

L3 also announced a new cryptocurrency called LTC, which the company says is a more robust cryptocurrency with higher transaction throughput.

Bitcoin has been gaining momentum as a store of value, but there are some major obstacles to the technology’s widespread adoption. 

In the meantime, there are already plenty of options to buy and hold Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is now traded on more than 100 exchanges and more than 40,000 merchants accept it as payment.

Bitcoin is currently worth about $11.5 billion, and its market capitalization is $4.7 trillion.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are also widely accepted for other purposes, including virtual currency, as well as for storing value and as a form of digital currency.